Nick Name:


How long have you been training/teaching:

Since March 2016

Why/how did you get started:

I got majorly addicted to taking classes at The Studio, and after being a permanent fixture here for a while, a little fitness guru named Helya approached me about teaching HIIT. My mantra that year was “Why not?!” and teaching a class that I loved to take sounded fun, so I started studying, got certified, and started right away.

Favorite activities:

I think I might be a fitness class junkie. I love all the classes The Studio offers, but I also love all different types of yoga (like hot, aerial, wall, acro), aerial, spin, pilates… the list goes on. I’ll try anything once! Outside of classes, I love to paddleboard, hike, cycle, wakeboard, and walk the puppy.

Most embarrassing training experience:

Completely blanking on the word CALF, or HEEL, or SOLE in the middle of a class. It must be those lower extremity words! “The palm of your foot” just didn’t sound quite right…

Best part of training:

Seeing someone who has been struggling with a particular exercise or movement completely nail it for the first time. Sometimes it can be something they’ve had to work up to over time, but other times it’s just the confidence that’s holding them back. Either way, being able to witness everyone’s mini victories is pretty awesome.

Favorite class to teach:

HIIT for sure! I love that it’s high intensity, fast paced, tough, and that it’s over before you know it. Everything moves so quickly, you don’t have time to lose your workout momentum. And nothing gets the sweat going like a good HIIT class. So anything with that interval component really, like HIIT, LIIT, or HIIT/SS.

Favorite Quote:

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” –Abraham Lincoln   (CHOOSE HAPPY!)

Favorite fitness movement:

Tuck jumps! Because if you can get into a groove, you almost feel weightless. It’s quick, killer cardio, and it reminds me of a grown-up tantrum.

Favorite piece of equipment:

There are just SO many! If I had to pick one, it would probably be the small resistance band. It literally fits in your pocket, takes up no room in your suitcase, won’t set off the metal detector at the airport, is water/sand/dirt proof, and makes any workout more intense. It’s compact, but packs a lot of punch.

Least favorite fitness movement:

Pull-ups. Because they are hard and I suck at them. It’s more like a love/hate relationship that’s heavy on the hate.

Least favorite piece of equipment:

The pull-up bar. Because it tears up my hands, and because using it usually results in me having to do pull-ups.

Fun Fact:

My birthday is on Christmas Day!