Nick Name:


How long have you been training/teaching:

4 years

Why/how did you get started:

I started yoga at the YMCA in Chandler, AZ as a way to get back into shape after having a baby. Then we moved to Houston, TX and our instructor at LA Fitness was calm and moving. With just her words she was able to get into a deeper level of consciousness. I was so inspired that I decided to take the 200 hour training to share with others what she had shared with me.

Favorite activities:

Bike riding, volleyball, tennis, skateboarding, snowboarding, walking around Disneyland

Most embarrassing training experience:

I was demonstrating an exercise and fell flat on my butt

Best part of training:

Seeing the difference in a person from when they first walk into class and when they leave

Favorite class to teach:

A toss up between Yoga Flow and Yoga Restore

Favorite Quote:

You are enough

Favorite fitness movement:


Favorite piece of equipment:

My body

Least favorite fitness movement:


Least favorite piece of equipment:

The treadmill

Fun Fact:

I sleep with a sword next to my bed so I can defend myself during the zombie apocalypse.