Nick Name:

Ernie (it’s a combo of my first name & old last initial ErinE)

How long have you been training/teaching:

2 years

Why/how did you get started:

I took a corporate bootcamp at work 4 years ago, and loved it so much I wanted to learn more and more about fitness, and eventually decided to get certified thru NASM as a personal trainer. It all snowballed from there.

Favorite activities:

Hiking, Swimming, Trail running, Obstacle Course Racing

Most embarrassing training experience:

In an early morning bootcamp I was showing everyone proper form for a clean and press with a bar, and somehow didn’t get my head out of the way during the press and totally bonked my forehead… HARD. I had a big red knot dead center on my forehead the rest of the day.

Best part of training:

Working with someone on a move they think is “impossible” and then seeing the look on their face when they do it. Helping someone push past their comfort zone and helping them see that anything is possible.

Favorite class to teach:


Favorite Quote:

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

Favorite fitness movement:

Squat, Burpee, Kettlebell swing, Ball Slams

Favorite piece of equipment:

Kettlebell or Medicine Ball

Least favorite fitness movement:

Tuck Jumps, Burpee (It’s a love-hate relationship)

Least favorite piece of equipment:

Adductor machine

Fun Fact:

I have had asthma my whole life, and was once told by doctors that I would probably never be able to play sports or be very active. Once I found fitness and made it a part of my lifestyle, ironically, my asthma condition improved so much, that my emergency inhaler now sits in a drawer collecting dust and expires because I never use it anymore.