That means we like to train the way you naturally move as a human being every single day.
We think having balance, range of motion in your joints and strength are all-important, AND you should also be able to run from a bear (maybe).
There’s really three parts to our training:

Flexibility, Strength, Intensity


These classes are designed to loosen you up and keep your joints moving fluidly so you can do everything! They are JUST as important (if not, more!) as the strength and intensity classes. They help your body build long lean muscle and really help keep you from getting to sore after fast moving classes like HIIT. Also, even on your worst days, a little yoga will always make you feel better! These classes include HIIT/SS, Yoga, Mobility and LIIT.


These classes are designed to work on building muscle. And ladies, don’t let us hear you say “I don’t want to bulk up!” because it’s simply not possible!! Building muscle shrinks you down, gets you toned and makes your jeans fit way better, so don’t be afraid of the weights! We’ll teach you how to use them, don’t stress! These classes include: Circuit training, Kettlebells + core, LIIT, and LIIT+mobility.


This is the “running from the bear” part. We take your heart rate crazy high and couple it with strength training so you don’t just burn calories during class, but after too. These classes are usually the most difficult and highest fat burn. These classes are HIIT, Kettlebells, Circuit training, Bootcamps and HIIT/SS.


Our Yoga practice is a bit more relaxed than what you’d find at a purely yoga studio. We focus our practice on helping build long, lean muscle and recover at the same time. We love to flow with our breath and hold poses while building strength and flexibility, but we prefer a casual experience. We often hold a yoga class that’s focused on restoration after a HIIT class and we love the duo!

What to expect: Low calorie burn (100-200 cal)


LIIT stands for Low Impact Interval Training. When we introduced HIIT to everyone, they fell in love! But some had issues with their knees and some really couldn’t handle the impact, so we came up with LIIT. LIIT has the intensity of HIIT without all the jumping. Sometimes we use kettlebells, sometimes we use bikes, every time we make it different so don’t worry, you’ll never see it coming.

What to expect: Medium to high calorie burn (200-500 cal)


High Intensity Interval Training/Super Stretch. It sounds so corny, but it’s the best thing ever to stretch it out after 40 minutes of intensity training. The HIIT part has big moves, lots of conditioning and weight training, but then, to everyone’s delight- the class slows down and you really get to “super stretching.” We love this class and we think it’s a great alternative if you think HIIT is a bit much.

What to expect: Medium calorie burn (200-500 cal)


Early Bird Special!! Who gets up at 5 am to workout? The early birds! This class should be called “we know what will get you moving at 5 am”, but that’s way too long. So you should expect to move fast, jump high, climb low, have fun and sweat… a lot. We combine high intensity training, low circuit and all the other fun things. We really love this class, the ones that see that hour of the day anyway! 

What to expect: Medium to high calorie burn (400-800 cal)

Circuit Training

We love to pull out the circuits too. We’ll set up between 8-12 stations and move through each exercise. Each station will last about 45 seconds to a minute. There are usually 2-3 sets each lasting between 10-16 min and we pretty much bring out all the equipment to play. There’s opportunity to become familiar with the things that may intimidate you in a non-intimidating way.

What to expect: Medium to high calorie burn (400-800 cal)


High Intensity Interval Training. This is our most popular class. Usually each class has 3-4 sets that last between 12-15 minutes. Each set has a combination of weights and conditioning work between 30-50 seconds and very little rest. We often play with TABATA training; burpees and tuck jumps, baby! We also love to work with bodyweight. Some classes we just need a mat, those are the most fun!

What to expect: High calorie burn (500-800 cal).

Happy Hour


Yoga X

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