Nick Name:

My friends call me Lo (you can call me Lo too)

How long have you been training/teaching:

I finished my RYT200 training in March of 2016 and have been teaching ever since.

Why/how did you get started:

I started getting serious with yoga when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2014.  I have always been active (running, swimming, surfing etc) but had this idea in my head that yoga was boring and I always avoided it.  I’m so glad that I opened my mind and began to practice!  There’s so much that yoga can offer, and I am so grateful that my yoga practice gave me the confidence to teach others and share the benefits that I have learned so far.

Favorite activities:

Anything outdoors! Hiking and surfing are activities that I can’t imagine living without, but honestly I appreciate anything that gets a person’s heart rate going, even if its not my personal choice.

Most embarrassing training experience:

I haven’t farted during yoga (yet!) Other than that occasionally I have a difficult time with my rights and lefts.

Best part of training:

Watching the progress of my students.  I am honestly so impressed with the dedication and power that my students show me, and it really inspires me to learn more

Favorite class to teach:

Power vinyasa.  Let’s get it done!

Favorite Quote:

“In the stripclub of my life, you hold the key to the champagne room” – Fat Tony

Favorite fitness movement:


Favorite piece of equipment:


Least favorite fitness movement:


Least favorite piece of equipment:


Fun Fact:

I lived in Europe for 6 months, and can’t wait to go back.