6 weeks, 2 body fat tests, nutrition training = total lifestyle changes with a hint of competition!
Get your company engaged and excited about working out and living a healthy lifestyle by challenging them to a six week turn around. They can come to classes, or we’ll go to them. If they miss the classes, we’ll send videos. We’ll come give presentations and hold them accountable and ultimately, they will become happier, healthier employees.

Discount Membership

Discounted memberships for you and your spouses. Well we don’t want to leave anyone out! We have companies that pay half memberships; we have companies that pay full memberships and some insurance companies that pay for all of it. We’ll work with your budget and allow you access to all classes at The Studio.

Custom Programs on/off site

We have trained professionals that can work with any levels and all needs. If you want to get a real sweat on, we’ll provide that. If you want more of a pilates/yoga style or just straight weight lifting, we can also provide that. We understand that sometimes you don’t want to get too sweaty. Our customized programs really help build strength that transfer into the workforce seamlessly.

Meet our Corporate Wellness Trainers

Interested in starting a corporate wellness program with The Studio? Please send us an email with your contact information and any questions you might have.