That means we like to train the way you naturally move as a human being every single day.
We think having balance, range of motion in your joints and strength are all-important, AND you should also be able to run from a bear (maybe).
There’s really three parts to our training:

Strength, Intensity, Mobility




At The Studio, we believe that everyone should be allowed to TRAIN, no matter what level you are or you think you are. Just remember, everyone started somewhere. Training is a practice; you will always start somewhere and move towards a new place. That means it’s not perfect and it will be challenging. We will always provide modifications that are low impact for high impact classes, we will never ask you to push weight you’re not comfortable pushing and we’ll absolutely help you exceed your goals!

Our programming is based off of our pillars and every class is called Group X because it is part of a complete program. When you come to class, expect a strength and intensity portion and to leave sore in all the right places. As an extra bonus, we will sprinkle in all kinds of mobility without you even realizing it.

We will teach you about progressions in weight, range of motion and recovery. Most importantly, we’ll teach you all you need to know about your body so you can workout anywhere, anytime, confidently.