That means we like to train the way you naturally move as a human being every single day.
We think having balance, range of motion in your joints and strength are all-important, AND you should also be able to run from a bear (maybe).
There’s really three parts to our training:

Flexibility, Strength, Intensity




At The Studio, we believe that everyone should be allowed to TRAIN, no matter what level you are or you think you are. Just remember, everyone started somewhere. Training is a practice; you will always start somewhere and move towards a new place. That means it’s not perfect and it will be challenging. We will always provide modifications that are low impact for high impact classes, we will never ask you to push weight you’re not comfortable pushing and we’ll absolutely help you exceed your goals! 

All classes are all levels unless otherwise noted.  


Let’s get sweaty! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It’s hands down the secret sauce of how to burn fat and reshape your body. This class is about 70% conditioning and 30% strength. It increases stamina, cuts weight, tones and leans you out while keeping you strong. Classes can be in a circuit, TABATA or straight HIIT style. There are always modifications given no matter what level you are. Come to get a good sweat and leave feeling strong and empowered! 


We’ll work on your total body movements as well as your basic press, deadlift, squat and pull up. This class is designed with 70% strength and 30% conditioning in mind. It might not leave you completely sweaty, but you’ll definitely walk funny for a couple of days! Building muscle means building a faster metabolism. This all equals to you getting CUT. We are big on form so we’ll teach you how to do it right. We’ll use a variety of training methods like circuit, interval and TABATA and we’ll keep you guessing every time. 


This class will vary depending on the rest of the week’s training. We always have a goal in mind! It’s the mystery box of our classes and it will challenge you in a totally new way. It’s 50% strength and 50% conditioning. We’ll use HIIT, TABATA, Interval, Circuit and AMRAPs to challenge you. We’ll help you push past your plateaus and reach new levels. It’s the perfect blend of sweat and strength and it will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on anything! 


We get our flow on! An important part of our training is mobility and flexibility. In our yoga classes we focus on YIN. We hold our poses deeply and sync them with our breath. We get into those major areas like hips, shoulders and spine. We use bolsters, blocks and straps. We take on all beginners and novice alike! Join us after a long week of strength and sweat to relax and rebuild those sore muscles.