Nick Name:

Hell ya, Hell no, hell maybe, what the hell ya doin?

How long have you been training/teaching:

started training in 2014 and the same year took over the business.

Why/how did you get started:

Someone was bold enough to tell me I should teach Zumba.

Favorite activities:

Playing with kettlebells with friends/classes, anything outside, cycling to remember the good ol’ triathlon days… really anything that gets me sweating/moving (I sweat a lot!).

Most embarrassing training experience:

I’ve got so many, but here’s a couple…

The first was during the first Zumba class I thought I knew how to teach, but you see, I have no rhythm and I definitely can’t cue. So basically I spent the whole time just smiling and walking in place from side to side. Everyone was very nice, but I’m sure they were laughing at me, not with me.

The second time was a BOSU class I subbed (you know, the half swiss balls). I was barely coordinated enough to stand on it myself, let alone teach a class. So by the end of it, my class was just staring at me while I figured out the moves. It was just as much of a learning experience for me as it was for them… but probably more for me.

Best part of training:

The people… the changes they see when they put in the hard work and of course, all the love and encouragement The Studio members have for each other and the trainers. I love the community we have created!

Favorite class to teach:

HIIT and especially when it’s with Kettlebells

Favorite Quote:

“the road to success is smooth and easy” –said no one ever

Favorite fitness movement:

Burpees all different ways and I can think of a lot! Anything with kettlebells too.

Favorite piece of equipment:


Least favorite fitness movement:

Stupid 8 point planks

Least favorite piece of equipment:

Ab roller…maybe I just hate doing abs

Fun Fact:

I was born on Halloween and definitely got extra candy for it.